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went to Sweet Cheeks Q  friday night. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.  pork belly/mac and cheese/chicken/brussel sprouts/so many things.  I can’t remember what exactly was in my moonshine cocktail (besides the obvious) but it was done just right. (bonus points for being served in a mason jar and garnished with an apple ring. yes. i’m a sucker for mason jars).  according to the young lady seated next to us, the ribs were too salty (or so she claimed after she tried to send back her half eaten portion in exchange for something different) but everything I had was delicious.  You should go there.


fire boat

•January 12, 2012 • 1 Comment

Who wants to go in on this with me? The Boston Fire Department is auctioning off the fire boat they retired a few months ago. I wants it.





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I didn’t know this stuff still existed.  I made it for the first time the other night and didn’t set anything on fire. I was pretty impressed with myself. Also, it was delicious. Who knew?

it starts…

it grows…



(Yes, I know, I shouldn’t be so proud of myself for figuring this out. But I am.)


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yes, I have a secret hobby of live band karaokeing in a cheezy faneuil hall bar.  they recently learned some new songs…



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went to my first sox game in ‘fancy seats’ last week. of course I’ve had a great at the last two games I’ve gone to with my back up against the wall under the dunkin donuts sign but…in the forty degree rainy weather, it sure was nice being covered.  oh, and they won. woo woo.  (I’ve actually only see them lose once, and it was against the mets and dad woulda been bummed if the mets lost so…)

oh, and I kinda messed this one up but I’ve been having fun with the photosynth iphone app…


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i walked in to the behan a few minutes before the big speech.  a noisy dark irish bar in jp that normally plays good tunes and has one small tv with no sound on.  on sunday, they pulled out the big screen and everyone (including the two dogs in the bar) shutup.  it was eerie.  and no one sang ‘i’m proud to be an american’ even though i was not so secretly hoping they would.  and to those who think its wrong to celebrate the killing of someone, make an exception for this, ok? thanks.


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I was cleaning up my apartment recently in preparation for the sister to come visit. I found some birthday cards from last year.  The next day, I opened my mail and found…

the same birthday card.  heh.  I love it.  Had a great birthday so far. Looking forward to celebrating with London and Vail friends this weekend!