livenation on steriods?

i got my tickets for the Gene Ween Band in the mail the other day.  I’m not really sure what to expect without Dean but Ween is (was?) pretty awesome so half the band must be at least halfway awesome, right? 

its been a while since i’ve bought concert tickets online because i cant bring myself to pay the outrages fees.  a few other stops on his tour have sold out so i didnt want to wait to long to buy them and, well, i didnt feel like trekking to the paradise to buy them in person. (it was cold. and i may or may not have been hungover the day they went on sale)  anyway.  since when does livenation have such giant tickets? 


ha ha. my shoe was the closest thing to show the relative size. thats pretty freakin big for a concert ticket, ay? was thinking its some sort of security feature but i cant figure it out.  or maybe they just like big tickets.


~ by katenkennedy on February 24, 2009.

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