summers in the north end can get a little rough. the italian feasts take over most weekends.  tiny streets with loads of tourists. motorcycles. freakin loud motorcycles. (really mr middle-aged to old man, no one is impressed that you speed down crowded streets and set off car alarms with your insanely loud bike. trust me).  oh and the marching bands. all the time with the marching bands. i cant say i’m a fan. hungover sunday mornings are not fun with a brass section parked outside your window.


 although they bother me less than when they set off these weird firecracker things that didnt look pretty, just sounded like gunshots. not sure what the point of those were….


so i sound a little bitter. i’m not.  it just gets old after 7 weekends in a row…

st anthonys feast is the last one of the summer and i think its the biggest. for this one the majority of the action (read: stages with live music and food stands) happens a few blocks away which is nice.  its a shame it took me until the last feast of the summer to realize that instead of fleeing the neighborhood like usual, i could sit outside with some friends and a 6 pack and watch the old people dance to a frank sinatra cover band.  

i wish i took more pictures….check out this old guy. he looks like he’s made of wax but i swear he was real…


old guy with "sexy sicilian" chick

old guy with "sexy sicilian" chick


~ by katenkennedy on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “feasts”

  1. awwwww i miss your apartment – and summer in your apartment – and summer on the roof of your apartment!

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