damn aquaducks

I spent the day out in the ‘burbs on Saturday.  Came back into town, showered and went out for drinks at the Tavern at the End of the World. Don’t let the low budge website fool you, the food is great (I dream about the soups. All of them) and the beer is greater (and cheap!).  The only negative thing I could possible say about this place is they will laugh at you when you ask if they’ll put Jeopardy! on the on tv at the bar (even if no one was watching the college basketball game that was on!).  Anyway, I went there and was informed of “aquageddon” or “watergate” or whatever tv news nickname you want to use.  Spending the day in the burbs means you are cutoff from the rest of the world.

Blah blah blah, its old news now but something messed up and the water supply was “contaminated”.  (Yes, those are quote marks.  It came out after that the “contaminated” water was actually fine the whole time).  So the city tells us all the boil water before you drink it and not to wash dishes or brush your teeth and whatnot.  Sure.  A little inconvenient but no big deal.  Of course, people are crazy and went nuts buying water.  Fighting for water.  Driving to suburbs to get water.  At Target on Sunday morning they had signs on the doors “We are out of bottled water”.  They must have gotten a shipment as we were there because suddenly there was a pallet with cases of poland spring right by the front door.  And just as suddenly, it was gone.  There were people putting six cases of water in a cart.  Come on! What are you doing with all that? At the White Hen Pantry across the street two dudes scanned all of the refrigerated cases.  When they realized all the water was gone (it had been gone since the day before) the one dude starts yelling about how “this is absurd! We’re all going to dehydrate!”.  Damn people are crazy. It was an interesting couple of days.

Oh, and I went to the new Emack & Bolio’s over in Charlestown on Monday and saw this gem taped up to the counter.

I wonder if it was a printout of an actual BPD letter or if the manager typed it…funny either way…


~ by katenkennedy on May 9, 2010.

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