spanish mode

i took some kids to see toy story 3 last week.  i think i enjoyed it more than they did. seriously, i cant remember the last time i laughed that much at a movie. when buzz lightyear goes into spanish mode…hysterical.  and don’t get me started on mr potato heads scene as a tortilla.  don’t ask, just see it. really. (but maybe not in 3d? I’m not a fan really. and it means 16$ for a freakin adult ticket. it’ll be just as funny in 2d) anyway, pixar definitely knows how to send jokes right over the kids heads and straight to the adults.  it never ceases to amaze me how much they pay attention to detail.  the toys are all incredible…ken and barbie with their plastic fingers that don’t come apart…and little things like the mom having to be buzzed in through a security door to enter the daycare…such brilliant little things.  oh, and getting a “kids pack” from the snack bar means you get these cool 3d glasses which are a hit when you go to the bar after the movie.  (i returned the kids to their parents before going to the bar, don’t worry)

my one complaint about the night? who ever wrote the specials menu at the bar….come on…

notice tomato is spelled right on the potatoe sign (the signs were right next to each other. hmm….)


~ by katenkennedy on June 28, 2010.

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