i went to a “summer solstice” bbq….whenever the solstice was….last sunday i guess? ish? whenever.

i brought my specialtea.  ate some great food. and got to meet joe.  i didn’t wanna look like an ass taking pics of him but the old guy had a freakin pegleg. it was incredible.  what a cool guy.  seriously.  looked to be in his sixties, rolls into this party, introduces himself (he was a friend of a friend of a roommate), sits at the fire and starts playing awesome songs on someone elses guitar.  when someone asked for the guitar back, he didn’t flinch.  grabbed two spoons, crossed his legs and went to town drumming on the peg.  incredible.

also, i want a pegleg.  my foot still hurts. peg legs will fix that, right?


~ by katenkennedy on June 29, 2010.

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