the behan

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i think my favorite part of the brendan behan in jp is on the back of the bathroom door…


bail out

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watched dad jump out of a window last weekend. he volunteered to test out the new bail out kits. well done sir.

man. this post would be more exciting if the video would upload. wordpress says the file doesn’t meet security standards or something?



•April 21, 2011 • 1 Comment

i’m excited to see what this turns out like. could be cool… check out the Hubway…


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i met my new friend Beatrix last week.

and no, even though she looks just like it, shes not a fake dog like lady

shes a real live cute puppy. congrats to randila…

snowball festival

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I hadn’t planned it, but I got to see the final act of this years snowball music festival when I was out in Vail a few weeks ago.  As per usual, the Flaming Lips went all out.  Hard not to be impressed with the shows they put out, even if you don’t like the music.  People in giant butterfly costumes on one side of the stage, and giant caterpillar costumes on the other.  A camera attached to Wayne Coynes face, hooked up to a giant screen behind the band.  Massive confetti filled balloons that would explode over the crowd. Fireworks.  The usual.  All on a snowy night in gorgeous Vail.  Wish I had better pics but…Good times.

photo session

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A four year old recently swiped my phone and had a photo session with “her babies”.  Tess, Oliver and Bunny all posed very nicely.

The best part was her looking through the pics after…

“aww look at Tessies smile in this one”

“oh. Oliver wasn’t happy in this one”

“oh good, I got one where they are both happy”

“silly Tess!”


heh. there are about thirty other pictures like these that we went through with her critiques.  it was awesome.


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It’s almost that time of year! Saw this down at Faneuil Hall today…