2 years ago during a trip to Epcot Center in Orlando, it was Joey who decided the pickle was significant.  After a nice lunch in “Canada”, Joe asked if he could save his pickle.  Stranger requests have been made by Joe.  No big deal.  Then, a few minutes later when taking a picture in “Canada”, he suddenly pulled the pickle out of his pocket to “pose” in the picture with us.  One thing led to another and Pickle came around the entire theme park, coming to every “country” with us like that garden gnome from Amelie.  Good times.

Pickle in Morocco

Pickle in Morocco


Pickle in Mexico

Pickle in Mexico


Pickle Tree

Pickle Tree

Also, if you aren’t familiar with “The Motorocycle Song (The Significance of the Pickle) by Arlo Guthrie you should probably take six and a half minutes out of your day to check it out.


2 Responses to “pickle”

  1. yo. this is funny dude…..nice. thanks!

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